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From leaky plumbing to poorly sealed windows, water damage can quickly diminish the value of your rental properties and pose health hazards to your tenants. Even minor damage can result in expensive property damage restoration. Your properties are sound investments and mitigating water damage goes a long way toward maintaining the well being of your property, business, and tenants. The consequences of water damage are varied and can include:

Mold growth and damage:

Depending on the location of the water damage, mold may go unnoticed until it causes the need for significant property damage restoration. In addition to compromising the structural integrity of your building, mold lowers the quality of indoor air and may pose serious health risks to tenants.

Foundation damage:

If downspouts or the landscape’s gradient don’t divert water away from a building, the excess moisture can flood basements or permeate the foundation.

Roof damage:

Moss and debris on a roof, as well as clogged gutters can cause water to pool or linger for prolonged periods, which may ruin shingles and promote the growth of mildew.

Damage to building materials:

Excess moisture causes metals to corrode and other materials to rot or deteriorate. When this occurs, the building becomes more vulnerable to moisture intrusion.

Property losses:

Incidents like leaky pipes or flooding may result in property losses. In addition to compromising tenant property, water damage can destroy items like carpeting or appliances that you may have provided.

When Property Managers have property affected by water damage,fire damage, or you need help with roof leaking, mold clean up, sewage back up and reconstruction call Go Green Restoration.

We realize you have concern not only for the property you manage, but for the tenants and property owners. When property is affected and water damaged, fire damaged or has a roof leak  it must be dealt with promptly. Our quick response enables us to minimize further damage that can occur, keeping costs down and reducing liabilities.

Working with you and your tenants, we dry the structure and restore your damaged property as quickly as possible so any inconveniences are kept to a minimum. Your tenants appreciate the fast results, and the property owners are happy the situation was handled efficiently and cost effectively.

When it comes to situations involving sewage or mold or roof leaking, we work to contain the area and mitigate the problem so the environment can be a healthy one for your tenants to go back to. These services need to be performed by skilled Restoration Professionals so secondary damage does not occur, unnecessarily putting structures at risk.

When you need restoration services call the company who’s available 24 hours a day, equipped and prepared for any size job at a moments notice 1-800-671-9941